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Let's make your wildest dreams a reality.

What is holding you back from accomplishing what you desire?


Lack of Clarity 







Vision coaching is a transformational journey where over 100 Days I help you overcome the above and achieve results in your life and business...

My coaching methodology is called Visioneering.

Visioneering is for you if: 

You’re ambitious, have big dreams, and want to achieve them 

You're an entrepreneur who is constantly overwhelmed and struggling with focus 

You're a seasoned working professional who is looking for deeper meaning and change 


Phase 1

Uncover Your Core Desires

Phase 2

Define Clear Goals 

In this phase, we dive deep to gain clarity on your desires, values, passions, and purpose. This phase is all about discovering what truly drives you and will bring you greater satisfaction. 

In this phase, we refine your focus by getting crystal clear on your life and career goals. Here, we shape a vivid vision of your future, ensuring you know exactly what you’re aiming for.

Phase 3

Build Focus and Momentum 

In this phase, we optimize your time, energy, and lifestyle to stay on track with your goals. I help you take strategic and consistent actions that turn your vision into reality.

What my clients have to say, 

Founder Minters Group | Wealth Advisor | Personal Finance Educator

Founder Minters Group | Wealth Advisor | Personal Finance Educator 

Avneet is an exceptional coach. To all who get overwhelmed with work, I wholeheartedly recommend Avneet for transformational growth. She has helped me in my personal and professional development and helped me navigate the challenges of Entrepreneurship. She has clarity in breaking down complex objectives into actionable steps. It's helped me out in pushing myself and achieving milestones. 


Using the Visioneering Process helped me create results like,  

  • Restart my business iOpener after 3 years of clinical depression 

  • Get credentialed as a Life & Career Coach by the International Coaching Federation 

  • Give a TEDx Talk 

  • Start my second business x Startup Network - Encubay.

  • Publish the Life Planner 

  • Personalized Coaching: 

Visioneering helps you unearth your unique purpose and direction. Each client's journey is unique, and with personalized coaching, I tailor the experience to meet your individual needs and aspirations. 

  • Structured Framework for Progress: 

This 100-day journey provides a structured framework for goal setting, mindset tools, and continuous accountability to help you stay on track with your goals in all areas of life. 

  • Holistic Approach: 

Visioneering helps you stay consistent with your goals across all life dimensions

What makes Visioneering work? 

  • A tried and tested framework that helps clarify your vision and achieve your goals faster 

  • 10 x 1-1 Immersive Clarity Coaching Sessions ⁠

  • A physical copy of the Life Planner at your doorstep 

  • Ongoing Accountability and WhatsApp support with your personal coach

What do you get? 

Here's what I promise:


1. Clarity Over Chaos:

I will help you cut through the noise, break down your aspirations and complexities into actionable steps, and help you experience the relief of tangible progress toward your wildest dreams.

2. Momentum on your Life Vision:

I will help you build focus as a muscle and imbibe success habits across time management, self and emotional regulation, and productivity. By the end of this journey, you'll have imbibed best practices on how the world's best stay on top of their game and navigate life and career challenges with confidence. 

Let's create transformative results in your life together. 

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Grab a copy of the 

Life Planner 

A thinking system in a toolkit that helps accelerate holistic growth and actualize your life vision.

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"Vision without action is merely a dream. 

Action without vision just passes the time. 

Vision with action can change the world.” 


- Joel A. Barker

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