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Life Planner 

A Productivity & Planning Tool Kit that helps you achieve your goals and design the life you desire.


Have you ever gone through the day feeling like your mind is all over the place?️

Without a clear mind, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and anxious when trying to achieve big dreams. 

What if you found a mate who helped you get clear, work on your goals and Play Your A Game?


Your Life Planner 

 can help you 

achieve your goals and

Design the life you desire

Why the Life Planner and no other?

Use my Visioneering process to set and achieve your goals

Exercises and resources designed to facilitate clarity 

Don’t just set goals, but build your Vision Chart 

Take a holistic approach to your life and career

An undated planner that

you can customize to your needs 

Narrow your focus and map your action steps for 52 weeks of the year 

Be supported by a professional coach whilst working on your goals  

Improve your strategic and creative thinking skills 

Why the LP?

What you'll find inside?


3 intentionally designed sections:

Section 1: Investigate
Simple self exploration exercises that will help you explore your mindset, gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick.  

Section 2: Envision 
Experience the magic of clarity using my "Visioneering Process". The exercises will help you refine your focus and set actionable goals. 


Section 3: Take Action
Monthly and weekly pages to help you hold focus, stay consistent and inspired with everyday actions, progress reviews, growth audits, trackers, and more!

That's not all!

You'll also find:

A Vision Chart on which you can put up images and build a visual representation of your goals to stay inspired.

Some of the world's most influential thought leaders like —Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Lily Singh, and Michelle Obama have used the power of visualization to turn their dreams into a reality.

The Vision Chart will help:

Remind you of your goals 
Trigger positive thoughts
Be practical with manifestation 
Get creative with your goals
Stay inspired on your journey

The Life Planner is for you if: 

You’re ambitious, have big dreams, and want to achieve them 

You’re feeling a little lost and confused and want some clarity

You want to step out of feeling overwhelmed and find a method to make dreams come true

What Visioneers have to say, 


Raghu Chopra, Chief Financial Officer, Project Hero

Avneet has helped me in getting unstuck and envision the next level in my career.

I continue to work with her as she helps me to maintain momentum continuously in all areas of life.

Design a roadmap to your future, intentionally today!

Screen Shot 2021-07-24 at 11.40.30 AM.png

A little about me and
my Why,

I coach ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve their vision, take focussed action on their goals, and communicate with impact.


It is my mission to facilitate mindset shifts that help others expand their potential and actualize their dreams.


My learning programs and personalized coaching approach, has helped my clients think better, keep burnout at bay, boost productivity, and accelerate their journey to success. 

My intention behind creating the planner is to help you, 


Gain deeper insight into your strengths and abilities


Better organize your thoughts and moves


Pen down your passions and plans


Envision your future with clarity


Navigate change


Enhance your emotional fitness


Establish a regular rhythm to attain your goals with life balance


Still not sure?

Attend A Free Interactive Workshop 

On the special occasion of launching The Life Planner, I’m hosting an interactive workshop where over 2 intensive value-packed hours, I’ll personally help you: 

Strategize your life and career 

Learn how to declutter your mind using the Visioneering process

Set personal and professional goals 

Learn how to use the power of a Vision Board to achieve your goals

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Stay updated on the next Free Interactive Workshop  

Countryside Road

Life is a journey that can be navigated by Chance or by conscious Design

- Avneet Kohli

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Explore 1-1 Coaching with me!

If you'd like to explore personal coaching with me let's discuss your goals and create an action plan.


Book your 20-minute call slot with me, 

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