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Life Planner 

A thinking system in a toolkit that helps you achieve your Life Vision. 


Feeling stuck in your life and unsure of the next step?

Imagine having a powerful toolkit at your fingertips—a system designed to help you envision your ideal life and achieve your goals faster than ever before.


 Life Planner is more than just a book; it’s a comprehensive guide to transforming your dreams into reality.

With insightful exercises, a structured framework, and practical strategies, this thinking system empowers you to craft your life vision and create a roadmap to success.

Not a daily planner, but a 

Life Planner that can help you

Design the life you desire

and achieve your life vision.

What Visioneers have to say, 


Founder Minters Group | Wealth Advisor | Personal Finance Educator 

Avneet is an exceptional coach. To all who get overwhelmed with work, I wholeheartedly recommend Avneet for transformational growth. She has helped me in my personal and professional development and helped me navigate the challenges of Entrepreneurship. She has clarity in breaking down complex objectives into actionable steps. It's helped me out in pushing myself and achieving milestones. 

My intention behind creating the planner is to help you, 


Gain deeper insight into your strengths and abilities


Better organize your thoughts and moves


Pen down your goals and plans


Envision your future with clarity


Navigate life with intention


Enhance focus and momentum

with your life goals 


Reach your goals with regular rhythm and life balance


The Life Planner is for you if want to put your dreams into motion!

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If you resonate with any of the above then the Life Planner is for You. This toolkit will help you:

Know yourself better

Work on your goals

Guide you from mental clutter to clarity

What you'll find inside?


3 intentionally designed sections:

Section 1: Investigate
Simple self exploration exercises that will help you explore your mindset, gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick.  

Section 2: Envision 
Experience the magic of clarity using my "Visioneering Process" to refine your focus and set actionable goals. 


Section 3: Take Action
Monthly and weekly pages to help you hold macro focus across different areas of life, stay inspired with progress reviews, growth audits, trackers, and more!

Why the Life Planner and no other?

An undated planner that

you can customize to your needs 

Exercises designed to help you overcome mental clutter and sharpen your thinking skills 

Use my Visioneering process to break down big ideas into actionable goals

Digital Templates and curated worksheets to get clear on your vision  

Take a holistic approach to your life and career with a Paper Life Coach and not just pen To-Do's

Narrow your focus and map your action steps for 52 weeks of the year 

Design a roadmap to your future,
intentionally today!

Still not sure?

Attend the next Free Interactive Masterclass 

Once a quarter, I host an interactive virtual masterclass where I’ll personally help you: 

Strategize your life and career 

Learn how to declutter your mind using the Visioneering process

Build momentum on your goals 

Share Focus & Productivity tips and hacks 

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Stay updated on the next Free Interactive Masterclass  

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Explore 1-1 Coaching 

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Life is a journey that can be navigated by Chance or by conscious Design

- Avneet Kohli

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