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The art & science of confidence 


Are you feeling overwhelmed with having a lot of things to do but not knowing where to start?

Have you mapped out your goals?

Are you struggling with creating a plan that’s practical and real?

During the pandemic, I felt stuck and had absolutely no idea of what I should focus on or look forward to.

Many of us have been uprooted from our normal lives during the pandemic. The subsequent feeling of uncertainty about the future feels threatening while circumstances and distractions constantly pull yous all in different directions.

My confusion, overwhelm and demotivation would make me binge-watch Netflix where one day I watched a documentary on the Secret and got interested in manifestation.

The core message of The Secret is that, 

  • Our thoughts create our reality.

  • Ask for what you want repeatedly, Believe that you’ve already received it and it will make its way into your life in some form or the other. 

Clear and Focussed Thoughts are the first step to feel inspired to take action and

it's our actions that ultimately create our reality! 

We are the most DISTRACTED generation that has ever existed!

Being clear on which course to take, being motivated, and then being focused on a goal, task, project,  has become tougher than ever before. 

Would access to a fun and creative tool that will help you map your goals and cultivate focus interest you?

Create a Vision Board


What is a Vision Board?

→ A vision board is a life design and focus tool. 

→ This tool stimulates your mind with pictures and messages to focus on what you want to create.

→ The process of arriving at your vision helps you structure your thought process and map out an action plan to channelize your focus on what truly matters to you.

Creating a Vision Board has helped me get clear on my highest priorities and fueled me with inspiration to go after my dreams and I wish the same for you. I've put together a workshop with a systematic process that helps you create an effective Vision Board that works and helps you manifest what you desire. 

Confidence Program.jpg

This workshop is for you if,

→ You sense it’s time for change or reinvention.

→ You’ve been feeling all over the place. 

→ You seek clarity and motivation.

→ You want to step out of the overwhelming and create an action plan. 

→ ​If you're ready to Be guided to attain clarity on your life and career goals,

→ If you're ready to Map and Manifest what you desire by creating a strategic action plan that's right for you 

→ And if you want to HAVE FUN whilst creating the reality you desire this workshop is for you!


Grab a copy of my free Visioneering E-book to
understand the process we'll follow and do it yourself

Visioneering E-book


Create your Vision Board with me at the

Visioneering Workshop

Copy of P2514978.JPG

 3.5-hour value-packed experiential workshop for aspirational minds like you to attain clarity on their career and life vision on

XYZ Date at XYZ Time. 

Whatever it is that you desire remember this,

When you talk about it, it’s a dream
When you envision it, it’s exciting
When you plan it, it’s possible
When you take action, it is real

and this is exactly what I'll help you do.​

Dalia Abdul Wahab.jpeg

Dalia Abdul Wahab, Executive Assistant, Executive Affairs Authority

I had the honor of being coached by Avneet. She has been extremely understanding, professional, and beneficial to help me pinpoint and address areas I have been hiding from. She has helped me organize my thoughts and priorities. I feel I’m on the right path and am excited about where this will lead me. 

Rinku Khiara.png

Rinku Khiara, HR Professional, AGFA

Coaching with Avneet has been a very deep, life-changing journey for me. In my first session, I was an emotional wreck. I kept saying, I don't know what's happening. I don't know where I'm going to be. I don't know what I want. Throughout the journey, she kept making contact with me even if I did not go ahead and check on how I was doing. She always made sure we were working in the direction of my personal and career objectives. We had action points after each session and I must admit I’ve come a long way with her.

Vijitha Sudhakaran.png

Vijitha Sudakaran, Logistics & Supply Chain Professional 

Avneet is an extremely rare coach, she helped me get clear on my vision, align my efforts to what really matters to me and followed up months post our sessions to check on my development.

Mridula Desai, 

This was a much needed session. To be honest, was not planning to sit through this session completely, but actually ended up overtime! You had my interest for sure, it was so insightful and fast paced, completely engrossing. Thank you so much, Avneet


What will the workshop be like?

You will be provided with everything that you need ie worksheets, guided meditations, mindset and clarity coaching. Free online digital tools called Canva, Pinterest, and CamScanner will be used to document your visual inspiration. 

Vision - Option1.jpg


Early Bird Offer Until XYZ


Get a copy of my Visioneering Ebook which takes you through the step by step process we follow in the workshop 

LATER 350AED + All of the above.

Bring a friend along and GET A BONUS 101 COACHING SESSION WITH ME. 

Payment Methods

You may pay for the workshop using the following methods:

Electronic Transfer/ Bank Deposit

Send us an email expressing your interest or simply fill in the form below


Drop us an email and our associate at Fetchr will pick up the needful at your time and convenience 

Pay Via PayPal/Stripe

Pay using your debit/credit card via PayPal or Stripe

Have questions?

 Drop me an email

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