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Coaching with Clients: Let's Go Back A Little

Updated: May 23

In the past 4 years, I have coached 300+ entrepreneurs and professionals. Let me take you back with me!

Coaching with Clients
Coaching with Clients

In 2018, my life changed.

I took the plunge to be with my soulmate and chose a new career path ie. the world of Coaching. It’s not been easy but I feel blessed and grateful when I look back at what I have achieved.

Here are the top 4 areas I work on, when coaching with clients:

✅ Vision - I’ve helped them put vague ideas and dreams into crystal-clear goals and plans whether life or kickstarting their business ventures 

✅ Mindset & Well Being - I’ve helped founders and professionals with tools and frameworks that they can rely on in times of stress and pressure

✅ Personal Branding - I’ve helped them package and communicate their gifts on digital and physical platforms 

✅ Productivity - I’ve helped founders and professionals adopt simple lifestyle rituals that help them manage time and create space for what matters most to them 

Helping others overcome personal blocks where they stand in the way of their progress with simple yet powerful positive changes, I believe is the work of the universe through me when coaching with clients.

Why am I sharing this?

Change is nature’s law. We might resist and feel afraid, but trust me it works out okay when you’re in sync with your purpose. Be open, find your purpose and let the magic happen.

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