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Want to take your Life & Career to the next level?

A value-packed Live Masterclass for ambitious entrepreneurs and executives to attain clarity on their life and career vision. 

11th September, 4:00 pm GST | 5:30 pm IST 

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Have you been feeling something like this?

I’m at a crossroads in my life/career and I need to find some clarity about what to do next

I'm lacking passion and inspiration to do anything 

I'm feeling stuck and am unsure of what to focus on

Join me at the Visioneer Your Future Live Masterclass where I will help you strategize your future and design a life you're proud to live.

11th September, 4 pm GST | 5:30 pm IST

In this masterclass
you will, 


  • Dive into deep self-exploration, align your passions with your strengths, and set personal and professional goals 

  • Learn about a fun tool to manifest what you desire

  • Understand and identify mindset patterns that keep you stuck

  • Tame self-doubt and refine your focus

  • Learn easy to implement and effective goal-setting strategies for accelerated success

This free masterclass
is for you if,

  • You sense it’s time for change or reinvention

  • You want to create an action plan for your future

  • You want to step out of feeling overwhelmed and wake up feeling inspired 

  • You want to live life by design a life and career with conscious intention 

What my clients have to say, 

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Grab your copy of the Visioneering eBook at the Free Live Masterclass. 

11 September, 4 pm GST | 5:30 PM IST

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Dalia Abdul Wahab, Executive Assistant, Executive Affairs Authority

I had the honor of being coached by Avneet. She has been extremely understanding, professional, and beneficial to help me pinpoint and address areas I have been hiding from. She has helped me organize my thoughts and priorities. I feel I’m on the right path and am excited about where this will lead me. 

What is Visioneering?

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Having a Vision means developing the ability to think strategically and be able to plan your future with imagination and wisdom. 

Visioneering is a signature goal-setting process that helps ambitious entrepreneurs and executives design the life they desire and achieve their life and career goals.  



11th September, 4:00pm GST | 5:30pm IST

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I coach ambitious executives and entrepreneurs to achieve their vision, take focussed action on their goals, and communicate with impact.


It is my mission to facilitate mindset shifts that help others expand their potential and actualize their dreams.


Through self-development learning programs and personalized coaching, I help my clients accelerate their journey to success.

A little about me, 

Using the Visioneering Process has helped me create results like,  

  • Restarting my startup venture, iOpener after 3 years of clinical depression 

  • Getting credentialed as a Career and Life Coach by the International Coaching Federation 

  • Give a TEDx Talk named "The 2 lovers that kill dreams"

  • Get impaneled as a mentor coach with a female focussed Startup Incubator - Encubay.

  • Launch the pilot series of my online talk show called, MindShift 

  • Get appointed as the Regional Ambassador for the ThePowerMBA, a one-of-a-kind digital business school where you learn from inspiring leaders such as the founders of Youtube, Tesla, or Waze. 

Human beings are capable of deploying their intellectual and emotional intelligence to create anything they desire as long as there is CLARITY about what is desired and continuous EFFORT towards the desired change is put in. 

In this Free Live Masterclass, I will work with you to align your strengths and passions with your desired future and particpants will get access to the EBook that includes, 

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- 7 chapters that will help you understand how to create an effective vision board that leads you closer to the life of your dreams
Clarity Worksheets that will help you reflect on your strengths and passions
30-page Vision Workbook that will guide you through a step-by-step process to create a vision board that inspires you daily

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Have more questions?

Click the Enquire now button to drop me an email at or 

Drop me a DM on 

I can't wait to see you! 

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Take some dedicated time to plan your future and design a life you're proud to live!

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