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Calling all aspiring Women business founders!
Are you ready to kickstart your extraordinary journey of Entrepreneurship?

It's time to unleash your potential, shift your thoughts into action and kickstart your journey as an entrepreneur.  
Introducing The Entrepreneur's Blueprint Program – a transformative experience designed exclusively for first-time women business founders like you!

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Starting a business can be both exhilarating and daunting.


We understand the unique challenges you may face as a first-time entrepreneur, and that's why this program is tailor-made to support and empower you every step of the way.


We believe in your dreams and are committed to helping you turn them into reality.

🚀 Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Program Outline

Over the course of 14 transformative days, we will cover the following essential topics to help you kickstart your journey: 

Clarify your Business Vision and learn how to start up using the lean philosophy

Structure your Ideas into a Viable Business venture

Define your unique Value Proposition

Develop a Business Plan and learn about different types of business models 

Understand financial  budgeting and strategic planning in the Lean Startup Way

Design an effective marketing campaign to attract and engage your target audience

Setup a compelling Founder Linkedin Profile

Learn how to create content and Design your Social Media calendar 

Fast-track your business journey with a robust curriculum designed to help you take strategic action on your ideas and be guided on 1-1 Deep Dive calls with your Mentors to personalize your journey

Why the LP?

The Program is for you if: 

You’re ambitious, have big dreams, and want to achieve them 

You want to start a business of your own but are struggling to start and need support 

You want to step out of feeling overwhelmed with business and find a method to sustainably and consistently launch your business 

Meet Your Mentors 

Avneet Kohli

Avneet Kohli

Reema Mahajan

Avneet Kohli is a dynamic Life and Business Vision Coach and Partner at StartUp Network Encubay.


With a stellar reputation in the media and entertainment industry, Avneet has been the presenter of choice by renowned organizations such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon, L'Oréal, Google, and the Trump Organization. 


She helps ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals attain clarity on their vision, boost productivity and keep overwhelm and burnout at bay. 

Additionally, Avneet is a Partner at Encubay, a female-focused startup network empowering women entrepreneurs with mentorship, networking, and fundraising opportunities.

Reema Mahajan is the founder of Indian Women in Dubai(IWD), one of the largest Indian expat women communities in UAE with more than 55,000+ women members today. 


She is an IIT & IIM Graduate with 10 years of work experience in Management Consulting. Reema is on a mission to empower women by connecting them to opportunities through her  platform socio business platform, IWD. 


She has received multiple awards including Asia’s 100 Women Power Leaders 2023 in the Rising Women Leaders Category from UAE and Inspiring Woman of the Year 2021’.

Design a roadmap to your business, intentionally today!

💰 Grab the Early Bird Offer! 💰

Why this program and no other?

Comprehensive and Practical Curriculum:
From idea validation and business planning to branding, marketing, and financial management, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the key elements necessary for business success.

Personalized 1-1 Mentorship:
As a participant, you'll be led by a professional coach who will provide you personalized mentorship and help you navigate challenges with confidence. 

Network of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs:
Our program offers more than just knowledge and skills. You'll become part of a vibrant community of ambitious women entrepreneurs who share your passion and drive and will uplift and inspire you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Emphasis on Lean Principles:
Many business programs overlook the importance of lean principles. Keeping your costs low, being strategic with market testing form the foundation of running a business sustainably. In this program, not only will you learn how to start and stay but conduct mini experiments to give you a path to growth. 

While there are many business programs available The Entrepreneur's Blueprint Program stands out because it is, 

Tailored for First-Time Women Business Founders
This program is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by women. We understand your aspirations, fears, and dreams, and we provide you with the targeted guidance and support needed to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Dalia Abdul Wahab

Dalia Abdul Wahab, Executive Assistant, Executive Affairs Authority

I had the honor of being coached by Avneet. She has been extremely understanding, professional, and beneficial to help me pinpoint and address areas I have been hiding from. She has helped me organize my thoughts and priorities. I feel I’m on the right path and am excited about where this will lead me. 

What's the Investment?

We have planned 2 batches in the months of July & September 2023 where over 14 transformative days you will align your strengths with your ideas and Visioneer your business. 

Full Program Fees - AED 2500 | INR 55,000

Early Bird Fees - AED 1500 | INR 33,000

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