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1. Get Clear

Clarity is a superpower and that's what I help you achieve.

Through strategic questioning and deep self-exploration, we identify your strengths, align your passions, refine your focus, and design an action plan to systematically lead you to articulate your life and career Vision

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2. Build Confidence

When clarity becomes your superpower, razor-sharp focus and self-confidence create magic.

I work with you to overcome self-doubt and limiting mindset patterns that deter you from your vision and help you take focused and consistent Action on your goals.

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3. Communicate with Impact

If you can speak, you can influence. 
If you can influence, you can change lives.


I help you build strong public speaking and communication skills. I handhold you whilst you give your ideas a voice and help you express the same with Impact

I can help you, 


Achieve your personal and professional goals 


Prepare for your career path, make a career transition or start your dream business


Overcome self-doubt and express your ideas with impact whether on stage or camera 


Build an influential and authentic personal brand


Develop emotional intelligence and draw a work-life balance 

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The Visioneering Ebook is a mini-guide that walks you through the process of effective goal setting using a Vision Board. 

This Ebook is strategically designed to guide you through a simple framework to achieve your life and career goals. By the end of this read, you will,

1. Go through a step-by-step process to set your dreams into motion.
2. Learn about the common mistakes that hinder personal and professional success.
3. Understand how to set SMART Goals and use the power of a Vision Board to harbor your focus. 

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Rinku Khiara, HR Professional, AGFA

"Coaching with Avneet has been a very deep, life-changing journey for me. In my first session, I was an emotional wreck. I kept saying, I don't know what's happening. I don't know where I'm going to be. I don't know what I want. Throughout the journey, she kept making contact with me even if I did not go ahead and check on how I was doing. She always made sure we were working in the direction of my personal and career objectives. We had action points after each session and I must admit I’ve come a long way with her."

A clear Vision backed with Self-Confidence and consistent Action is what it takes to create the life you desire.


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